Lissie is a designer & illustrator in Humboldt County, California


Building your brand in an ever-changing market can be hard,
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My primary intention is always to do the most good for the people I work with. I will never upsell projects, I’m transparent in pricing, and I’ll give you my honest opinion when recommending products or services.


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I'm Lissie Rydz (Li-sea). I'm a graphic designer & marketing coordinator located in Arcata, California. I have the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Humboldt artists, designers & creatives, and I've found that it gives me great joy to help small businesses adapt and succeed. 

In terms of background, I graduated from HSU in 2015 with an emphasis in graphic/web design and illustration. I also took as many political science classes as I possibly could, studying environmental ethics, radical theory, income inequality, and citizenship. My education has greatly shaped the way I view the world and approach problems. It's also given me a stronger love for this area, and for the people who dedicate themselves to helping others, bettering their community, protecting the environment, and generally being awesome individuals. 

justice is what love
looks like in public.
— Cornel West

I believe deeply in social responsibility, ethical practice, and equality, so I will always consider doing discounted or pro bono work for organizations promoting such ideals. I’m a member of VISIBLE and I try to do one volunteer project a year, so if you’re a nonprofit feel free to get in touch.

If you have any questions—even if it’s just for general help, I’ll try to get back to you within a day. Contact me here.